The Future of the Consumer Society conference is a continuation of the series of conferences organised by Finland Futures Research Centre and Finland Futures Academy. It will cover two subjects: consumption and futures research methods.


Consumption is becoming a key issue in the debate on creating a sustainable future. In particular, the world-wide spread of extremelyresource-intensive lifestyles and economic practices has become one of the most important challenges we face.


Futures studies is ideally placed to help face this challenge as it includes tools for describing possible, probable, and desirable variations of the present that are both social and “natural”. Furthermore, by examining a variety of possibilities we can come closer to choosing and shaping the future, rather than merely predicting it. Thus, futures studies offers valuable tools for understanding and guiding consumer society.


The conference will bring together the best futures studies experts in the scientific community to interact with corporate representatives and policymakers. Together they will develop images of alternative futures. The goal of the conference is to assist decision-makers by providing them with the tools to gain a better understanding of the potential consequences of present and future decisions.


The Conference organisers would like to thank the following supporters:

- The Dr.h.c Marcus Wallenberg Foundation for Promoting
Research in Business Administration (Marcus Wallenbergin säätiö)
Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (Tieteellisten seurain valtuuskunta)
- Foundation for Economic Education (Liikesivistysrahasto)
- Turku School of Economics, Support Foundation (Turun kauppakorkeakoulun tukisäätiö)