9th International Conference of

Finland Futures Research Centre and Finland Futures Academy

in Collaboration with Turku 2011 – Finland’s Candidate for the European Capital of Culture 2011

Finland Futures Research Centre celebrates its 15th Anniversary in 2007.
This years conference was organised with a theme


Culture is contradictory: It is individual and creative, it is collective and empowering. It is also diverse, conservative and restrictive. If we reflect upon such contradictions and develop that perspective we raise the questions: what is the future of the creative economy, the cultural industry, economic innovation and the interaction of culture and the economy? Furthermore, what consequences and challenges do such questions hold for the development of society?

The aim of the conference is to think and discuss about these questions under the following wider themes:

  • Innovativeness and creative processes in economies, cultures and societies of the future
  • The future of creative clusters and industries
  • The role of cultural industries in economic development and competitiveness
  • The power of creativity and culture for the sustainable development
  • Case studies of culture, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Futures research methodology in the study of the creative economy
  • Theoretical approaches for the future interaction of culture, society and the economy

The conference will bring together people from universities, research institutes, companies, regional authorities, public sector, governmental and non-governmental organisations. The idea is to meet, share and discuss new ideas concerning culture, the creative economy and innovativeness. The aim is to generate multidisciplinary, lively and productive discussions and promote networking between people from different backgrounds in the arts, business, culture and science.