On these pages you will find the conference abstracts as well as other material from the conference.


Abstracts for the Scientific Tracks.




Flash 1: Mediating Places and Spaces
- DSc (Tech.), architect, Aija Staffans Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Architecture

Flash 1: Unlocking Innovation Potential
- Development Manager, Esko Sääskilahti, CENTRIA Research and Development

Flash 2: Future of Education: Megatrends and Big Issues
- Analyst Henno Theisens, OECD/CERI

Leadership Track: On the move! – Activities and insights for a new media learning environment
- Director of Learning Matti Rossi, Heureka IT Architect Jukka Ruponen

Keynote 2: Physical and Local Learning Environments
- Futurist Jerome C. Glenn

Scientific Track: The Next Wave in Educational Research? Comparative analysis of declining and rising trends in educational research themes
- PhD, Dos, Jari Metsämuuronen, National Board of Education

Leadership Track: Innovative Schools – Partnering Globally Acting Locally
- WW Innovative Schools program Manager Kati Tuurala, Microsoft

Keynote 4: Human Learning and Growth: Visions of the Future
- Professor Kirsti Lonka, University of Helsinki

Scientific Track 2: What Should Children Learn in Nursery and Primary Schools in Year 2030 – Options of Student Teachers
- Marja Nurmilaakso, University of Helsinki

Education Track: KULPS! Local Culture and Sport Institutes as Learning Environmnets
- Piia Rantala, Director of Community Education and Culture Unit

Keynote 1: Collaboration - Empirical Studies
- Professor Karl-Erik Sveiby, Hanken Business School, Helsinki

Key Enablers of Organizational Renewal
- Professor Aino Kianto, School of Business, Lappeenranta University of Technology

From Collaboration into Participation
- Chief Education Officer Kirsti Mäensivu, Hämeenlinna

Yenta-nomics: Matchmaking as a Crucial Competence
- Marc Vermeulen, Tilburg University, IVA Policy Research

New Perspectives on Future Competencies and Capabilities
- Leena Jokinen, Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku School of Economics

Sustainable leadership and future-oriented decision making in the educational governance
- Jari Metsämuuronen (FNBE), Tuomo Kuosa (TSE/FFRC), Reijo Laukkanen (FNBE)

Short Term Activities Studying the Needs of Workforce and Training at Local and Regional Labour Market in Finland
- Jouni Marttinen, Employment and Economic Development Centre for Southwest Finland

Scientific Track 2: Learning to Cooperate with Our Evolution: Reflections on the Root Societal Challenge in the 21st Century
- Ruben Nelson, Foresight Canada

Education Track: Utilizing Technologies in Learning
- Professor Sanna Järvelä, University of Oulu

Case: PaikkaOppi – GIS Learning Portal
- Juha Riihelä

Didactic Challenges for the Future - How to Predict Future Skill Needs on the Labour Market
- Maria Lenczuk, The Observatory for the Labour Market and the Education of the Malopolska Region, Poland

Learning as a Cultural Process
- Katriina Siivonen, Finland Futures Research Centre

Public Education: Looking Beyond Reform
- Wilson Winnitoy

Local cultural environment as learning environment
- Bo Grönholm, Vice chairman of the cultural board of Espoo

Citizenship and Participation
- Kristina Kaihari-Salminen Counsellor of Education

Theoretical points of view to future simulation environments
- Pekka Ranta, Tampere University of Technology

School Village
- Outi Rinne, Ilpoinen School, Turku

Education Track: KULPS! Local Culture and Sport Institutes as Learning Environmnets
- Piia Rantala, Director of Community Education and Culture Unit

Scientific Track 2: University Culture – Quo Vadis? Prospects of Environmental Science – Policy interface in Finland Up to 2020
- Petri Tapio, Johanna Kohl, Sarianne Tikkanen & Sofi Salonen, Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku School of Economics

Leadership Track: Management and Leadership + Life Long Learning = Company’s success
- Managing director Timo Kohtamäki, Lemminkäinen Infra Oy

Innovation and Education Forum
- Director General Timo Lankinen, Finnish National Board of Education

Education Track: Games to Learn
- Dr. Tony Manninen, LudoCraft Ltd

Flash 3: Win- win- win Leadership
- Director, Creativity and Future Vesa Auvinen, Dazzle

Scientific Track 2: Building Social Capacity in London Schools
- Nick Zienau, Intelligent Action Ltd